Mosaic Spiral Table Lamp Multicolor Diamonds

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This table lamp was made in Turkey using fine quality materials, like fired glass, and copper. The globes themselves are entirely handmade. Small pieces of fired glass, mirrors, and beads were put together to create this mesmerizing design. The body of the lamp is copper, and was made in Turkey as well, and decorated with beautiful filigree.
This lamp is a perfect accent piece. It creates a special atmosphere that sets your mind. The color that you see on the glass is the one that will surround you (if it's the only source of light, of course). You can make the light sharper if you put a "cool white" light bulb, or you can put a "warm white" light bulb and enjoy softer light.
The lamp comes with 3 small candelabra socket light bulbs (E12) included. The plug is American. The cord is 44" , black. The switch is 4.5" from the beginning of the cord.
Lamp Size: 36" H x 12" W.

Each globe is 3" H x 5" W. 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review