About Us

Global Market Retail was established in March 2010 at 2016 Murray Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15217 USA. It was a small family business that has grown and expanded online.
Our Mission is to make the world a better place to be. We work to achieve it by spreading harmony, love, and joy through our products to our customers.
Our Goal is to make each customer happy, so the person can spread joy and positive vibes wherever he is.
Our Products are of fine quality, have good energy, and are able to spark joy in our guests. Each piece is handpicked and delivered to you from a place of peace and harmony. We travel the world and make connections with artists and other small businesses to support the culture, variety, and way of living of indigenous people.  

Denice Reese


Global Market Retail 
I feel happy when I visit this place. The colors are just wonderful. I had mentioned to my daughter for a couple of years how much I loved the lamps and she gave me one for my 65th birthday. I now have it on every evening before I go to bed. On my last visit, I had a wonderful conversation with Mostafa. He told me about the development of the business and we shared stories of raising children, cultural richness and the richness of languages. This place feels good. Enjoy next time you are in Squirrel Hill!
Dion N Mindy


Global Market Retail
Beautiful, unique gift items, great pricing, and service. We could have spent hours looking, and the gentleman working there was so nice that my kids told us they want to move to Pittsburgh and adopt him as their new Grandpa. Highly Recommended.
2 years ago
Very pretty shop with handicrafts from around the world. I bought a gem stone necklace and the owner was very sweet that she wrote down the names of the gems for me in a card. I highly recommend the place... The art is amazing and the people are lovely! This place has a very positive vibe! :)
2 years ago
This is one of my favorite places to shop. Its a hidden little gem with very unique decor finds from all over the world.
Definitely stop by this store.
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