Tabla Set Indian Pair Drum with Case

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Tabla Set. Everything Included.
You get 2 drums, 2 rings, a case, keys for it and a tuning hummer.
Made in Pakistan
Dagga: 10" x 10"; Tabla: 6" x 8"
The Tabla is a pair of drums: A large metal drum (a "bayan" or "dagga") and a smaller wooden one (a "tabla" or "dayan"). Each drum has a round ink-paste spot (a "gabh") on the head. This area focuses the tone and pitch and produces the distinct Tabla sound. The Tabla is the most popular percussion instrument of India and has recently been growing in popularity in many other parts of the world, particularly the U.S. Enter the complex yet rewarding world of tabla playing today with our quality tabla sets.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review