Blue Glass Vase Md

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These vases are beautiful. They are handmade in Egypt. Each vase is different. You can see a lot of air bubbles captured inside. There are no two identical pieces. They are perfect to hang on a porch or close to a window. The can be sitted on a shelf, too. Vases look amazing when the sunlight goes through them. You can put real flowers in them. They hold water. The vases come with the black cord attached. If you like, you can easily change it to anything else (ribbon, chain, etc.).

If you are planing to put the vase on a shelf or table just send us a note, so we will make sure to send you one that can sit, because not all of them are perfectly flat on the bottom.Thank you!

Size: approx. 6" H x 5" W x 2" D


(No reviews yet) Write a Review