Bamboo Didgeridoo

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This is a lightweight didgeridoo handmade from bamboo and hand painted with dots art technique. It has a very nice sound. It's easy to play, especially if you are familiar with brass wind indtruments.

Playing the didgeridoo promotes deep breathing, and also puts you into a more relaxed state of mind. People who have heard the eerie and mellow sounds of a didgeridoo describe it as calming and meditative.

If you play the didgeridoo for a significant period you are likely to go into a trance like state. Most people report becoming very relaxed and yet very aware, feeling at rest and yet being energised. In this way stress levels can be reduced and a more peaceful state of mind can be achieved elevating ones mood.

Playing the didgeridoo can be very beneficial to your physical health. It strengthens muscles in the upper airway of the respiratory system thus reducing their tendency to collapse during sleeping, helping fight sleep apnea (a common disorder involving potentially dangerous pauses in breathing while sleeping) as well as the tendency to snore.

Didgeridoo sound healing could be considered as an alternate treatment for stress, disease, anxiety, depression, injury, and emotional pain and other medical conditions.

Size: 39" L x 2" W




(No reviews yet) Write a Review