African Mask/08

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This is a beautiful tribal mask handcrafted in Ghana, West Africa by members of Ashanti tribe. It's carved of a solid piece of wood. Some parts are covered with black clay and have beads and bronze inlay over it. The entire work was done by hands. Beads and bronze inlay make it truly unique and different.
 On the forehead, it has Adinkra symbol, called "
ESE NE TEKREMA" - literally this is “the teeth and the tongue,” symbolizing friendship and interdependence. The teeth and the tongue are both located in the mouth but play different, interdependent roles. The teeth can bite the tongue, but they still live together. This signifies harmonious and interdependent relationships between people and nations. It advises married couples to complement each other in all aspects of marriage. It also encourages friendship and assistance.
   This type of masks is used in two types of events: initiation ceremonies and masquerade performances. It is believed that dancing brings masks to life. They are believed to connect the spiritual and the physical realms and awaken the spirits of the ancestors to life to give advise.
There are no two masks that are identical. But each one is beautiful and gives a room a very special look. You can easily hang it on the wall - the mask has a leather loop on the back.

Size: 19" H x 5" W x 3" D


(No reviews yet) Write a Review