Our percussion  collection are from diffrents  countries however most of them  are from Africa , India, Pakistan,  Indonesia and Turkey. They are all handmade and either hand inlay or hand painted.


* Frst we like you to check with us either through email  at globalmarketret@aol,com or by calling at 412-421-4200, if the item you looking to purchase still available.

 You can order from us using one of the two options

1- Calling and paying  by phone

2- Paying through Paypalto   our account :

Based on the item weight, size, and the zip code of the destination will calculate the shipping cost and let you know.
Our return policy

-1 You have 3 days after you receive your order to check it and get back to
us if  there is any dammage or defect.

2- Please make sure to call us before sending the item back and let you know what you need to do in case of a dammage.

3- In case of a defect we can either exchange it  if we have another one in the stock, if not
 you can chose between another item or
your money back

Coconut Agogo Bell. Handmade using only natural materials.
Made in Indonesia.
Prcie $ 25.00

Vibra slap. (Donkey Call).
Size : 11" x 5"
Prcie $ 35.00

Two balls castanets on stick.
Made in Indonesia
Size : 12" x 3"
Prcie $15.00

Frame drum with goatskin head.
Made in Pakistan.
Size : 14" x 3"
Prcie: $ 45

Single agogo. Rosewood. Comes with
a mallet. made in Pakistan
Size : 7.5"  x 1.5"
Price: $15
Rosewood claves from pakistan
Size : 8 x 8"
Price: Not available
Triple agogo. Rosewood. Comes with
a mallet made in Pakistan
Size 12"  x 6"
Price $ 35.00
Double agogo. Rosewood. Comes with
a mallet
Made in Pakistan

Size : 10" x 4.5"
Price: $25
Gaval. Azerbaidjany frame drum with jingles.
Size ; Lg 16" x 3.5"
Price $ 65.00
Giant tambourine with goatskin head and big brass cymbals
Size : 16" x 3.25"
Prcie $ 95.00

Giant tambourine with goatskin head.
Made in Pakistan.
Size : not availble
Prcie $ 65.00

Tambourine with double row of cymbals.
Size ;   10"
Price $ 35.00
Tambourine. Mother of pearl inlay. Goatskin head.
Size: 7"

Price $ 29.00 

Gourd shaker wit tiny pinecones. Handmade.
Made in Cameroon.
Size ; pro  12" x 8 "
Price: 45.00
 Authentic Moroccan Karkaba. Handmade.
Made in Morocco.
Size : 11.5" x 5 "
Price; $95.00 a set
Hand carved frog rasp.made in  Indonesia.
Size : 5" x 3"
Price: $25.00

Stirning drum. Comes with a mallet.
Size: 6" x 5"
Price $ 35.00
Nut shell shaker. Handmade using only natural materials.
Made in Cameroon.
Size approx: 12" x 5"
Price: 25.00
Hand painted barrel shaker.
Made in Indonesia.
Size ; 5"
Price: 12.00
fHandpainted bamboo flute.
Made in India.
Size: 14"
Price: 10.00
Carved Rosewood flute.
Made in India
Size ; 14"
Price: 15.00